Knowing When to Let Go

Do everything you can to make it work. But don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself either. Respect yourself enough to know when to let go.

Everything Happens For a Reason (And Other Reflections on an Internship Abroad)

The most wonderful parts of a journey are those that are unexpected, filled with the most wonderful people met under the most random of circumstances.

4 Lessons in 4 Weeks: Life Lessons Albanians Have Taught Me

Amidst a world seemingly filled with constant violence and hate, Albanians have given me hope that love does, in fact, always win.

The Remedy for a Restless Mind

Letting go of material comforts and being flexible while traveling can sometimes bring you a tremendous sense of peace and quiet for a restless mind.

Opportunities & Challenges: My First 24 Hours Solo Traveling

The first 24 hours solo traveling are the most challenging and revealing parts of any trip.