Knowing When to Let Go

Do everything you can to make it work. But donโ€™t be afraid to be honest with yourself either. Respect yourself enough to know when to let go.

Everything Happens For a Reason (And Other Reflections on an Internship Abroad)

The most wonderful parts of a journey are those that are unexpected, filled with the most wonderful people met under the most random of circumstances.

4 Lessons in 4 Weeks: Life Lessons Albanians Have Taught Me

Amidst a world seemingly filled with constant violence and hate, Albanians have given me hope that love does, in fact, always win.

The Remedy for a Restless Mind

Letting go of material comforts and being flexible while traveling can sometimes bring you a tremendous sense of peace and quiet for a restless mind.

Opportunities & Challenges: My First 24 Hours Solo Traveling

The first 24 hours solo traveling are the most challenging and revealing parts of any trip.